Roof repair services for residential and commercial buildings in the STL area.

Roof Replacement

Discovering your home or business has roof damage is stressful, even under the best circumstances. Not only do you need fast repair before the damage worsens, but there is also the fear of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. Here at IMPACT Roofing, we offer responsive service you can trust. 

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. When you turn to our St. Louis roof repair service, you are always dealing with honest professionals who prioritize client satisfaction. Since 2007, we have delivered top-notch St. Louis roofing repairs. Let us put our wealth of knowledge and experience to work for you. 

St. Louis Roof Replacement

Restoring the integrity and appearance of your St. Louis home or business.

Realizing that your roof is damaged beyond repair is overwhelming. You are facing a significant expense, and there are so many questions about what this means in terms of downtime or even needing a temporary relocation. On top of that, you have to be worried about being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. 

At IMPACT Roofing, we structure our St. Louis roof replacement service to reduce your stress. Our technicians walk you through designing your new roof so that it perfectly complements your home or business. We work quickly and efficiently, getting your building back to normal in as little time as possible, all without ever cutting corners. Our work is backed by our warranty, as well as all the proper licensing and insurance. Allow us to put our decades of knowledge and experience to work for you. 


Signs It Is Time for Roof Replacement

When is it time for roof replacement rather than repair? This can be difficult for anyone but the experts to determine. Ultimately, many of the signs are the same; the difference is in how severe they are and how feasible a long-term repair is. Below are signs that could indicate you need a partial or complete roof replacement:

  • Shingles that curl at the edges
  • Shingle tabs that are cupped
  • Multiple shingles with bald spots
  • Cracks in the shingles
  • An overall worn appearance
  • The roof is 20 years old or older
  • Neighbors whose homes are roughly as old as yours are replacing their roofs

Types of Roofs We Replace

Few places have the rich history of the St. Louis area, and this is reflected in our architecture. As you travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, nearly every phase of development the United States has experienced can be found. This means that the styles of roofs and their materials are highly varied, and at IMPACT Roofing, we aim to work with all of them. We are prepared to replace any type of roof in the STL area, including:

  • Slate Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • And more!

If you don’t see your roofing type on this list, don’t worry. Chances are we still have skilled technicians experienced with your roofing material.

Why You Should Choose IMPACT Roofing

In St. Louis, there is a plethora of roofing services and contractors. This raises an important question: given you have so many options, why should you choose IMPACT Roofing for your exterior needs?

We Take Pride in Our Work

Our technicians don't approach their jobs as just a paycheck. They take pride in their work and how it contributes to their community. And, of course, the whole team loves pointing out the buildings they've worked on over the years.

We Deliver Lasting Results

Short-term fixes are never our goal. IMPACT Roofing aims to give customers results that last. When long-term solutions aren't possible, we work with you to create a replacement plan that keeps your building safe for decades to come.

We Are Customer Focused

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to help whenever you need our assistance. We focus on your goals for your home or business and customize our approach to meet your needs. Unlike other roofing and exterior service providers, our technicians discuss their recommendations in detail.


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