Dealing with a damaged roof?

Roof Repair & Replacement

Dealing with a damaged roof can be stressful. Not only do you need roof repair quickly, but you also want to be sure you aren’t being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. At IMPACT, we take pride in helping our customers protect their homes from damage through superior roofing services.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. When you hire our St. Louis roof repair experts, you can be sure you are getting honest, professional service. Since 2007, we have been providing customers with superior roof repair and replacement services. We can put this wealth of knowledge and experience to work for you.

"Should I replace or repair my old roof?"

The materials of your roof usually determine its lifespan. While a tile roof in good condition will last for around 50 years, an asphalt shingle roof will last for approximately 25 years. The method of installation will also determine how long a roof will last. Roofs that are installed over an existing layer of shingles may only last 20 years. Roofs that have reached the end of their lifespan need immediate replacement as a roof in disrepair can lead to expensive property damage and be a fire hazard.

You might need a new roof if...

  • The roof is very old and has reached the end of its lifespan
  • Your utility bills are increasing because of poor roof insulation
  • Your shingles are broken, missing, or otherwise damaged
  • Flashing is cracked, damaged, or very old
  • The roof is sagging in places or suffering from rot
  • Plants and pests have damaged the roof
  • A fire or storm has severely damaged your roof

Schedule a roof inspection today!

Knowing when it is time to replace your roof can be tricky. If your roof was damaged in a storm, fire, or another event, it could be hard to know whether or not to repair the damage or replace your roof.

Similarly, if you are buying a new home or remodeling your existing home, you may be concerned about the current state of your roof. Experienced roofers, like ours at IMPACT Roofing, can inspect your roof and provide you with the guidance you need to make this critical decision. We take great pride in helping customers, and we work hard to provide every customer with the innovative roofing solutions that best fit their needs.

When you hire us, you can be sure you are getting exceptional service from roofers you can trust.


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