Roof repair services for residential and commercial buildings in the STL area.

St. Louis
Residential Roofing

Discovering your home or business has roof damage is stressful, even under the best circumstances. Not only do you need fast repair before the damage worsens, but there is also the fear of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. Here at IMPACT Roofing, we offer responsive service you can trust. 

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. When you turn to our roof repair service, you are always dealing with honest professionals who prioritize client satisfaction. Since 2007, we have delivered top-notch St. Louis home repair & installation for all of our clients. Let us put our wealth of knowledge and experience to work for you. 

St. Louis Residential Roofing

Ensuring the integrity of your home.

The roof is the finishing touch of any home, tying together all the design choices and ensuring the function of the rest of the house. For homes in the STL area, residential roofs also take a licking every year. Severe weather and high winds mean local roofs need to be able to withstand a lot.
IMPACT Roofing offers St. Louis home repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services needed for your residential roof to look and function at its best. In addition to our services, we can also source the materials needed for a custom-designed roof that helps your home stand out in the neighborhood.

The Importance of Quality Roofing

We all know that a roof is essential to any building. What is less understood is how important a quality roof is. While there will always be someone offering their services or materials for less, not everyone can guarantee quality. Here are just some reasons you should always opt for the best service.

  • Weather Protection: Quality roofing should perfectly seal your home, keeping out the elements and protecting the integrity of other structures in the home.
  • Improved Health: Low-quality materials allow mold and mildew to grow within the home, causing respiratory issues.
  • Reduced Bills: Higher-quality materials provide better insulation and heat reflection, lowering your energy bills.
  • Increased Value: When your roof is made of the best materials, it lasts longer. This is reflected in the value of your home.

Types of Residential Roofs We Work With

When it comes to residential roofing services, variety is the name of the game. The city and the surrounding counties feature many architectural styles, from historic French colonial homes in the center of St. Louis to cozy cottages in South County. As a local company, we have the experience and training needed to work with any style or material of roof your home might have, including: 

  • Slate Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • And more!

Why You Should Choose IMPACT Roofing

In St. Louis residential roofing services and contractors are bountiful. This brings up a critical question: when you have no shortage of options, why should IMPACT Roofing be the team you choose?

We Take Pride in Our Work

Our technicians see their work as more than a path to a paycheck. For them, it is a source of pride. We know that our work impacts the STL community as a whole, and we love showing off the amazing work we do.

We Deliver Lasting Results

IMPACT Roofing doesn't take shortcuts or settle for short-term repairs; we deliver results that last. Whenever a long-term fix just isn't possible, we work with you on creating a replacement plan that will keep your home safe and secure for decades to come.

We Are Customer Focused

Our service is tailored to meet your needs and expectations. We have technicians on standby 24-hours a day, ready to head to your home when you need help. Unlike other roofing and exterior service providers, our technicians discuss their repairs with you in detail, empowering you as the client


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You can trust


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IMPACT Roofing is your St. Louis roofing and exterior services expert. Whenever you need assistance, we are here to help. Call us at 314-390-1581 or use our online scheduler for 24-hour response and service.

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