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We are proud to offer St. Louis seamless aluminum gutters in any length. The term “seamless” explains the major advantage with this type of gutter: it can be custom-made to any length required, eliminating the need for seams. The magic of making seamless gutters occurs inside a gutter machine. The flat aluminum sheet that enters one end of the machine comes out the opposite end formed into the finished gutter profile. The most popular profile for seamless gutters is a “K” style gutter with a curved front edge. IMPACT Roofing and Exteriors can install any seamless aluminum gutter system in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs and budget.

Gutter & Siding

St. Louis gutter cleaning, repair, replacement, and installation.

Homes and businesses need gutters and downspouts to protect their structural integrity. Without these systems, the significant precipitation experienced in the region would be dumped directly next to the foundation, harming its structural integrity. Poorly managed water flow can also damage plants, decks, patios, and exterior siding while turning your yard into a muddy mess.

IMPACT Roofing offers St. Louis gutter cleaning, repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation. We also source the best seamless aluminum and copper gutters in the STL area. If you are in need of gutter services, we offer the very best.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

If you need to replace your current gutter system or install one on a new build, our seamless gutter system is the ideal choice. Made from aluminum, these gutters can be custom-made to any length, eliminating the need for connections. This is revolutionary, as the seams are the weakest areas of the gutter system and the most prone to damage and decay.

Seamless gutters are custom-made for your home. The flat metal sheet is placed into a machine input with the specifications and comes out on the other side perfectly formed for your house. We can customize the profile of your gutters to get a unique look for your home.

IMPACT Roofing can install any seamless aluminum gutter system in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs and budget.

Professional Copper Gutters

Another option for homeowners seeking durable and attractive water management solutions is copper gutters. While more expensive than the alternatives, these gutters have a seamless appearance. Other benefits of our copper gutters include:

  • No Corrosion: Copper is a highly resilient material and it will not rust or corrode. Over time, it develops a lovely tawny brown patina that complements most local architecture.
  • Soldered Joints: Most gutters are held together with sealants that break down over time. However, copper gutters are soldered together, preventing leaks.
  • Visual Impact: While most gutter systems are designed to blend into the home, in St. Louis copper gutters are statement pieces. This is especially true once they develop their patina.

IMPACT Roofing can help source copper gutters for your home, as well as install and maintain them.

Gutter Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance

In St. Louis, gutter cleaning is important due to the significant rainfall we experience each year and the amount of debris likely to make its way into the system. Clogs in your gutters can result in damage to your home, either because of the mismanaged water or due to the extra weight it places on the edge of your roof.

However, clogs are not the only concern. Gutters can become damaged due to storms, human errors, or just as a result of aging. IMPACT’s St. Louis gutter cleaning, repair, and maintenance services help to keep your system working well for as long as possible.

IMPACT Roofing is here to help you with all your gutter needs. And should your system be damaged beyond repair, we are also the team to assist with replacement.


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Do You Need A Gutter Guard?

When the forecast calls for heavy rain, you begin to wonder if your gutters are clean and clog-free. That’s smart because clogged gutters can overflow and cause damage to your home. Clogged gutter overflow and can cause basement flooding and damaged siding, fascia boards, decks, and patios. Water leaks in your living space or wood siding could cause sheathing and rotting trim. All these issues usually require expensive repairs.

Installing gutter guards is a one-time upgrade that will not only protect your home from water damage but also keep you off your ladder every fall.

Here are the benefits of having gutter protection:
  • Can be added to existing gutters
  • Can prevent birds and rodents from building nests in the gutters
  • Eliminates the need to clean gutters often
  • Prevents water from stagnating in your gutters that could back up and overflow into your home or provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Can help reduce rust and rot from the moisture and debris so gutters last longer
  • Cleans easily since you only have to remove the debris from the top of the guard instead of digging into the gutters 

As your trusted roofing specialist, we also want you to know the cons of having gutter protection. There are two downsides of having gutter guards, including they are not completely maintenance-free and are an added expense. If the advantages of gutter protection outweigh these disadvantages for you, let our team know. We can help you select the right gutter guard and install it the right way.

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