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Gutter Installation

We offer seamless aluminum gutters in any length. The term “seamless” explains the major advantage with this type of gutter: it can be custom-made to any length required, eliminating the need for seams. The magic of making seamless gutters occurs inside a gutter machine. The flat aluminum sheet that enters one end of the machine comes out the opposite end formed into the finished gutter profile. The most popular profile for seamless gutters is a “K” style gutter with a curved front edge.

IMPACT Roofing and Exteriors can install any seamless aluminum gutter system in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs and budget.

St. Louis Gutter & Siding

Just about every house needs gutters and downspouts. Without effective roof drainage, roof runoff will be dumped right next to the foundation. This substantial water flow can damage plants, decks, patios, and exterior siding while also causing erosion. Inside the house, the basement can flood.

In addition to providing effective drainage, gutters also need to look good because of their prominent position on the exterior of the building. Many homeowners elect to replace gutters and downspouts when a house is re-roofed to greatly improve the appearance and value of their property. IMPACT Roofing and Exteriors can replace your gutters with beautiful new seamless aluminum or copper gutters. If you are looking for gutter and siding services in St. Louis, MO, you can count on us to delivery nothing but the best, all at reasonable prices.

Professional St. Louis Gutter Installation

Homeowners who elect to install copper gutters and downspouts rarely regret this decision. Even though copper gutters and downspouts are more expensive than seamless aluminum gutters or galvanized steel gutters, copper has some unique qualities that make it exceptional.

Much like seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters are designed with a seamless appearance and have soldered joints to help prevent leaks. At IMPACT Roofing and Exteriors, our roofers are fully experienced in gutter replacement and seamless copper gutter installation in St. Louis. Let us help you upgrade the exterior of your home and protect your roof against damage caused by ice damming and clogged gutters.

Benefits to Copper Gutters

  • No painting, no corrosion – Copper gutters and downspouts won’t ever rust or corrode. Instead, they weather naturally to a tawny brown patina.
  • Soldered joints – Other gutter joints are sealed with special sealants that you need to renew to prevent leaks. However, the joints in copper gutters are soldered together just like copper plumbing connections so you never need to worry about leaks.
  • Craftsmanship and quality – Copper gutters and downspouts can make a statement about craftsmanship and quality. Instead of blending into the roof structure like seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters stand out, showing off their supports and their lovely patina.

St. Louis Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is extremely important, especially in St. Louis, MO, due to the significant amount of rain that we receive in the region. It is very easy for leaves and branches to get stuck in your gutter systems.

This can create serious clogging issues that can lead to serious repairs and damages if not taken care of as soon as possible. The direction and level of rain is unpredictable, and can leave you with water flowing into your homes that result in damage. Gutters are installed into homes to direct the flow of the rain water. 

This way, you are essentially taking advantage of the rain so that it can be used in a beneficial way instead of causing damage. Professional gutter cleaning services are essential for ensuring that your gutters are doing the job that they are supposed to be doing. 

Our team of experts can inspect your gutter systems for you, and determine whether you need cleaning, or potentially any repairs as well. Let us get rid of debris and dirt in your gutters, so that you can prevent costly repairs and damages today!


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Do You Need A Gutter Guard In St. Louis, MO?

When the forecast calls for heavy rain, you begin to wonder if your gutters are clean and clog-free. That’s smart because clogged gutters can overflow and cause damage to your home. Clogged gutter overflow and can cause basement flooding and damaged siding, fascia boards, decks, and patios. Water leaks in your living space or wood siding could cause sheathing and rotting trim. All these issues usually require expensive repairs.

Installing gutter guards is a one-time upgrade that will not only protect your home from water damage but also keep you off your ladder every fall.

Here are the benefits of having gutter protection:
  • Can be added to existing gutters
  • Can prevent birds and rodents from building nests in the gutters
  • Eliminates the need to clean gutters often
  • Prevents water from stagnating in your gutters that could back up and overflow into your home or provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Can help reduce rust and rot from the moisture and debris so gutters last longer
  • Cleans easily since you only have to remove the debris from the top of the guard instead of digging into the gutters 

As your trusted roofing specialist, we also want you to know the cons of having gutter protection. There are two downsides of having gutter guards, including they are not completely maintenance-free and are an added expense. If the advantages of gutter protection outweigh these disadvantages for you, let our team know. We can help you select the right gutter guard and install it the right way.

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