Architectural Shingles Style Guide

There are old asphalt shingles (called 3-tab) and there are new asphalt shingles. Fun fact – shingles were created during World War 1! In fact, the original function of shingles was to keep the rain from leaking into the house at a lower cost compared to other traditional methods. Older asphalt shingles have proven to have a lack of material, resulting in the inability to stand up to weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain, and hail.  As time went on,  home owners began to seek out higher performance roofs, resulting in more material on their shingles.  

As time went on, manufacturers got creative with how they layered more material on, and soon everyone was opting for Architectural Shingles.  Home owners quickly realized that creating layers for enhanced protection AND adding to the appeal for the home was a win win!  Not to mention, the costs weren’t drastic enough to discourage the widespread adoption of architectural shingles.  

In this article, you will learn all about the two main types of Architectural shingles, Standard and Premium!

Standard Architectural Shingles $60-$105

Standard architectural shingles have dominated the market for the past 20 years and are sure to easily enhance the appeal and performance of your home! Contrary to 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles are visually distinctive and will give your roof an extremely sophisticated look.

Premium Architectural Shingles $105-$225

Our premium architectural shingles are high-quality dimensional or laminated shingles, which tend to be our buyers preferred choice. Essentially, the thicker the shingle, the bolder you can make the cuts and the tapers on each shingle tab.  Also, the use of darker areas of the shingle produce shadow effects to the perception of the viewer from street level.  Premium architectural shingles tend to have a more aesthetically pleasing look, and can even get close to replicating natural materials, such as cedar or slate. This would be a great option for more upscale homes! Designers are also free to explore unique geometric patterns, making it easier to achieve unique and beautiful designs that aid in making your home stand out among the rest. These unique patterns and designs are possible because of their less flexible material characteristics.

How will you know what is best for your home?

Choosing an Architectural Asphalt Shingle is generally a great decision for a large percentage of the market. Only when you get into the most expansively styled homes do asphalt shingles become scarce, giving way to tile, slate, green materials, and metal roofs.  Architectural Asphalt Shingles provide moderate to excellent curb appeal, while providing solid value as a material and design choice for a wide variety of homes.

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Written by: Brandon Hamberg

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